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You have asked and now it's here! Finally, a DIY class for all of you struggling at
home naturals. So many people are lost, don't know how to handle their curls, what
products to use or even how to do a simple style. If you are a DIYer or need help on
how to care for your hair in between visits to the salon, then this class is for you!

During this class, you will have ChiChi, a licensed cosmetologist with over 10 years
of natural hair experience as your hair guru, coach, and personal style guide for 4
hours. You will also receive full sized products and tools valued at over $100. Light
refreshments and drinks will be served.

Upon class completion you will be able to:
- Handle your hair with confidence
- Detangle easier, faster, and safer (no more burning arms, detangling for what  
seems hours, and unnecessary hair breakage)
- Have better product knowledge
- Perfect a basic natural hair style and leave with it!

Class requirements/instructions:

- Have natural hair that is at least 4" long and no to very minimal heat damage
(if you flat iron)
- You must clarify your hair (very deep cleanse of the hair to rid all buildup and oils)
you can go to your local beauty store and purchase a clarifying shampoo.
- Condition as usual but be certain to rinse it ALL OUT!
- Arrive to class with wet/damp hair in a shower cap
- If you have your own table dryer please bring it. There will be dryers there; but
just in case of any malfunctions, please bring yours.

Cost of Class: $100 the price is non refundable unless the class gets canceled.
$3.20 convenience fee will be applied to total at check out.